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Bangladesh to seek review of final

´╗┐Bangladesh to seek review of final

The rules of cricket (Law 42.5) sanction a strict penalty for the fielding team if a fielder is found by the umpire to deliberately obstruct a batsman while attempting a run. Neither batsman can be dismissed (if a runout has taken place), five penalty runs are awarded to the batting side, the delivery will not count as one in the over, the run will count even if the batsmen haven’t crossed and the batsmen can choose which of them faces the next delivery. Whether or not there was intent behind the collision is for the umpire to determine; in this case, after the players had collided, the umpire Steve Davis was seen having a word with both players. The delivery yielded a single.

I do not understand the criticism of some BD fans against umpiring. TV replays clearly show and commentators stated that Younis Khan and Umar Akmal were wrongly given out. It was not even doubtful. Similarly Tamim Iqbal was out LBW early in his innings as was Muhammed Hafiz. So wrong decisions went 31 in favor of BD. Regarding Cheema’s alleged obstruction and also Mushriful’s alleged obstruction of Afridi’s run, it is almost impossible to judge from video if both acts were intentional or not. One would have to look at where the bowler was looking before the obstruction and what was the possibility of a second run. Clearly in the Cheema case, there was no possibility of a second run.

I have been reading these comments here last couple of days how people are accusing BCB of being immature because they complained about an incident. Well to all of you who thinks that BCB should forget the fact, then I would say, BCB didnt have to be a BCB rather just be a statue who keep their mouth shut no matter what happens. Well Bangladesh on the other hand is always the victim of umpiring against them or decisions in the cricket field hurting them rather than their own game. We all know Bangladesh cricket is still in that stage where they are improving every days, and if the official decisions also go against them then how they can beat two oppositions in the same game? If the law sasy that blocking on player in normal runs is not legal then it should be appealed even the umpire didnt take any action at that time. It should be also considered if the complain is right then why the umpire didnt take any action.

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