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Frank Muller Replica

10Since ten years ago after releasing the Crazy Hours wrist watch, frank muller, as a young brand entered into the top of the wrist watch list with unique appearance and novel high-end design concept at a stroke, which also brought a revolutionary impact to watch market. After 10 years later, in order to celebrate Crazy Hours, the tenth anniversary of the birth, FM has released a wrist watch again for the tenth anniversary.

As one of the most successful series frank Muller, the watch field rare similar concept design, the innovation technology of the clocks and watches makes FM has a place in the region of the top TAB. The ten anniversary edition Frank Muller replica watches is featuring 18 k gold barrel shape case, 12 Arabic Numbers of artistic style and the appearance the same as Crazy Hours, but the details are revealed the ineffable value of the10th anniversary, the most eye-catching is the point of “10” digital set auger, exalted with fun, makes people sit up and take notice.

The parameters of the new Frank Muller Replica is as follows: Length of 45.10, width of 32.10 MM and thickness of 9.35 MM; watch movement of Automatic winding with the number of FM2800HF; Power Reserve of 42 hours; watch pendulum frequency of 28800; gem number of 23; waterproof of 30 meters; watch case of Cintrée Curvex 18 K Rose gold barrel shaped case; watch Dial of solar radiation grain finish dial with 10 words time mark 16 diamonds inlaid.

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