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KIM KARDASHIAN Turns Wedding Gifts Into Rolexes

´╗┐KIM KARDASHIAN Turns Wedding Gifts Into Rolexes

Remember KIM KARDASHIAN wedding gifts? She just turned them into Rolexes for her whole family.

Yup, you heard that right. Instead of donating her guests wedding gifts to charity (like she said she would) or return them (like she also said she would), she told the store to convert them into credit for her, and went and bought Rolex watches for herself and her whole family.

Well, why not defrauded millions of televiewers with her overthetop wedding from which she made a reported $18 million anyway what a measly 400 people?

Earlier, Kim announced she would be having the wedding gifts bought for her and Kris wedding donated to charity instead had never had the gifts delivered,”

a source told OK Magazine.

“The store was still waiting for her to give them an address.”

Instead, the very same week she filed the divorce papers,

“She went in to the store and told them that she didn’t want the stuff after all. She had them just give her store credit for everything.”

And according to store employees, Kim went and bought a whole armload of luxury watches, including a pave diamond and shell dial Rolex for sister Kourtney.

In fairness, Kourtney did say thank you for her new Rolex by getting pregnant to deflect all the bad press off Kim. Not that it worked. But still, you have to give credit to big sis for trying.

Kind of makes you wonder why Kim bothered with feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving and going off to save Haiti of those socalled good deeds made a dent in her IllMannered Person of The Year award.

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