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Man in bank card data theft accepts plea

Albert Gonzalez of Miami was arraigned with conspiracy, Wire fraud and irritated identity theft charges in federal courts in New York and Boston. court documents filed in federal court in Boston indicate the 28yearold Gonzalez agreed to plead guilty to 19 counts and combine the two cases in federal court in Massachusetts.

Additional charges against Gonzalez are still pending in nj, But but, they are currently part of the plea deal.

Gonzalez’ Miami legal professional, Rene Palomino jr. wouldn’t be able to be reached Friday for comment. He told The interchangeable Press on Thursday that his client was “Extremely remorseful as to what is happening,

Friday’s plea deal on the New York and ma charges ensures that he will be behind bars for 15 to 25 years. If convicted of all the charges in the plea agreement and if he had been sentenced to the maximum he would have received a sentence of array years.

Gonzalez must forfeit his pc systems, flat, wheels, and cash; Agents grabbed $1.1 million buried in his mother and father’s backyard. His boyfriend / girlfriend must give back a Tiffany ring Gonzalez gave her and his father and friends have to return Rolex watches he gave to them.

He also will be stretched in his computer and Internet usage during his five years of postprison, watched release. this can include the toughest part of the sentence for a hacker who admitted being obsessed with computers.

Gonzalez, who has been known online as “Soupnazi, was developed and raised in Miami and got his first computer as a boy. In graduating, He used a computer in his school’s library to hack into an Indian government Web site the FBI was called but Gonzalez was not arrested with a crime.

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