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Maradona back in Naples grueling ‘justice’ over tax bill

the first kind Argentina and Napoli striker expressed his desire to avoid persecution in the southern Italian city, Where he is located in high esteem by fans of the Serie A club with whom he won two league titles in 1987 and 1990.

Hundreds of supporters greeted the 52yearold on his arrival at Naples airport yesterday but he declined approach the press about claims he owes the Italian state millions of euros in unpaid taxes until today’s press conference.

In previous visits to Italy these days, Tax police have repossesed two Rolex watches and a diamond earring from Maradona, Plus 3 million euros ($4 million) He had earned from sprouting up on the ”Ballando con le stelle” TV dance show.

quotes in the Gazzetta dello Sport, Maradona supposed: “i wish to tell everyone that I have Napoli in my very soul. I’ve wanted to say so a long time but there are people who would not let me do so,

The 1986 World Cupwinner blames senior figures at the club at the time for matters he now finds himself.

“each and every who drafted my contract (during the Napoli) is free today.

“Why do I have to pay and not them, When I gave my well being to Napoli? I am not a victim because I have earned some huge cash but I didn’t know anything about the contractual issues.

“I am facing up to the way it is because I have not killed anyone,

Maradona was procured to pay 37.2m euros ($48.7m) In unsettled taxes in 2005.

Maradona is established to clear his name so he can return to Italy in the future with his family.

He contributed: “I want to send back to Italy with my grandson to watch Napoli. I want him to see what his grandpa did here and not be remembered as a taxdodger, Which i’m not.

“I want to think justice exists and I want to ask that justice system to let me walk freely in Italy and in Naples.

“I want to represent the people but an Argentinian cannot resolve using of the Italian people. I hope that all poor people of ghana who, like me, take part in this kind of problem come out of it well,

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