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Review of Infinity Bay Spa and Beach Resort

´╗┐Review of Infinity Bay Spa and Beach Resort

We stayed at the beautiful Infinity Bay resort from Jan. 21 to 25, 2009 in unit 1001 located right in front of the beach and it was lovely. It was a very spacious one bedroom and was more than we really needed as we were not going to cook. The weather was sunny for the first two days and then it started to rain. We were told that it was the tail end of the rainy season. Forecast was for rain every day for the next week. The snorkeling right in front of the resort is first rate. The Infinity Bay restaurant is their beach bar and a few tables set on the beach. Food is OK, nothing to write home about. There are lots of nice restaurants within walking distance. And don’t miss going to the Bay Islands Beach Resort on Thursday for the pig barbeque and crab races. It’s all to raise some monies for the local school. They allow cruise ship passengers to use their facilities during the day. As we were having breakfast one morning at the beach, a group arrived and quickly commandeered three tables for the entire day and ordered drinks for the group. This was at 8:30 am. Needless to say our intended quiet breakfast on the beach was quite noisy. Think college frat party. The boozing went all day until they had to go back to the ship. The only saving grace is that the local waiters get to make some extra bucks.

I would highly recommend Infinity Bay. But given the breadth of the Tripadvisor audience, some context is in order. We are 40 somethings generally looking for a bit of adventure mixed with reasonable comfort. Infinity Bay served the later in spades. The rooms are comfortable with all the necessary amenities. The beach is beautiful, the food is really good and the folks working at the resort are top notch (Carlos at the bar and Juan on tables both super). The resort easily sits on the best spot on the island. No close second. So, if you want to catch up on some good books, meet nice people, snorkel on a great reef (right off shore), and make up for lost sleep this might be your spot. As to adventure if you are a diver, then you will find it. If not, you probably won’t. Sure there are ziplines (“canopies”) and boating both very fun, but you won’t feel like National Geographic is nipping at your heels. But R opportunities are abundant. If you want to experience new cultures, you won’t find it here (unless New Jersey, California and Texas would qualify as new cultures). West End is most likely what Ambergris Cay is Belize looked like 20 years ago. Some random dining thoughts: Il Pomodoro right next door has awesome pizza and great Argentine wine. Reasonably priced similar to the States. Island Pearl served me quite honestly the best steak (filet) I’ve eaten in recent memory. It wasn’t cheap $250 or so for 2 people, but we did order 2 bottles of good wine. Mavis Dixie’s in West End right by the water taxi dock great food great price. Awesome burger. Finally, if you get to The View restaurant midisland in the daylight, you will have the best view on the island and a damn good lunch. Do go. Oh yeah the bugs. We heard horror stories so we brought a reasonable supply of deet. It was overkill. Off is probably all you need. The bugs were insignificant unless you either (i) experience something quite different than what we experienced, or (ii) you are a cityfied wuss that freaks at the first sign of a mosquito. Happy travels.

My first ever visit to Roatan started off a little rocky. I flew from Hilo to Honolulu to Los Angeles to Miami to San Pedro Sula to Roatan (yeah, I know.). TACA (Take A Chance Airlines) emailed me in Los Angeles to advise that my afternoon flight from San Pedro Sula to Roatan the next day was canceled. They moved me to the morning flight, but my Miami flight didn’t get in in time. I emailed back that I could stay overnight in San Pedro Sula and take the morning flight the next day, and they agreed. TACA then emailed me on landing in Miami that the morning flight the next day was now canceled and they put me on the afternoon flight. I was traveling for business and would have lost a whole day. I found SOSA Aerolineas and a travel agent on Utila who booked a flight on the original day, and I also booked a backup hotel room in San Pedro Sula, as well as looking into the ferry from La Ceiba to Roatan just in case. It seemed the entire valley floor surrounding the airport was underwater. First impression was questionable as you pull into the parking lot which sits on the road, and you’re confronted with construction sights and sounds. There was not a lot of signage directing us to the working part of the resort. The office is in a converted studio unit. You walk literally underneath the construction with debris falling on the tin sheet over your head. Front office staff were very welcoming and friendly. My room was a studio, which was very well appointed and comfortable. Had a little fridge and wet bar and a nice bathroom. No view to speak of and no patio. For a single traveler, and with an entire island to explore I thought it was perfect. It didn’t have any internet, though, which my travel agent said it would. I knew it wouldn’t have WiFi, but it turns out no connection at all and i had a lot of work to do while there, so I moved to a onebedroom. Again, beautifully appointed, this room was on the ground floor with a great patio, a large bedroom with plenty of storage and closet space, a huge bathroom, and a full kitchen complete with granite countertops and a breakfast bar with stools. There was no restaurant (along with the lobby, it will come in Phase II), but they did offer food at the bar (and free WiFi), although the quality of the food was just average. And the kitchen is in the basement adjacent to the bar/pool area. I’m sure it’s new and beautiful, but it didn’t fill me with confidence to watch food come up the stairs from the basement past the construction and exposed lumber with the food only partially or not covered. Service at the bar and throughout the property was excellent, though. Everyone greeted us by name if they could and were very friendly. Crescent shaped white sand beach, dock with a water taxi service that was convenient and inexpensive, and a lot of staff around at all times to take care of you. There were not that many people there at the time, and we felt really special. After a day of exploring, it was comforting to return to my new “home”. It is unassuming, uncrowded, and unpretentious. Rooms are large and beautiful. Things will change once Phase II is complete as that will double the size of the property, but also add some amenities that are missing.

Infinity Bay sits on it’s own slice of West Bay Beach. It is brand new, Phase II still being under construction when I was there. Geared more to “owners” than to catering to guests looking for a full hotel/resort experience. Very easy to find, although the current parking lot sits right on the actual road and there is very little signage to help guide you into the working part of the resort. Rooms are spacious and attractive. Onebedrooms and up include a beautiful and fully equipped full kitchen, while the studios make do with a wetbartype set up. We had a view of the pool area, which is very attractive, and we had a very roomy patio with furniture. Our bedroom was on the ground level walkway affording little privacy unless the blinds were drawn. Very comfortable and complete and we were very pleasantly surprised and happy with it. Bathroom was very roomy with great water pressure (a must!). Aircon was extremely effective. Only issue was with the WiFi that was supposed to be included in every one bedroom, but not in ours. They could not figure out why or what was wrong so we never used it, but they do supply a cable in every room to connect to the inroom ethernet jack. Resort boasts reverse osmosis for water purification, but still includes a 5 gallon bottle of water in a dispenser in every room for drinking which was a really nice touch. Resort also boasts back up generator in case of power outages (which happened twice when we were there), and top flight sewage treatment. they have also been very particular about water runoff polluting the Bay, and were very proud during my visit that there was no runoff in front of the resort before or during my stay when rain was torrential, flooding most of mainland Honduras. My travel was a disaster as I was trying to fly in between white outs and flooding rain storms. Front office staff assisted in changing my rental car reservations and plans and adjusted my room dates accordingly and without complaint. Everyone greeted me and staff made a point to learn my name and preferences. Especially at the Palapa Bar, which is a great expay hangout. We met a lot of people there and had some very insightful and educational conversations. It was the only place on property to eat, which we did a few times and the food was ok. they just started “room service”, which I was glad for, but turned out to be a little strange as the food comes from the basement kitchen (same as the food at the bar) delivered by a guy in jeans, a Member’s Only jacket, and backwards baseball cap. Glad for the service, but the professionalism was not up to par. We also made a mistake on ordering the food thinking that we’d try to split a seafood platter “Infinity special” rather then the usual sandwich or burger we’d had at the bar. Several pieces crashed through the cover landing just steps in front of me.

This review is written while my head is in NYC and my heart is in Roatan, but I will try to be as objective as possible. Our stay on the island got off to a rocky start when it took 2 hours( you read correctly) to get through customs. Obviously the resort had nothing to do with this and our driver waited patiently for all guests to make it through. Guests are taken a short distance under a protected walkway to the office which is temporarily housed in one of the units. The staff was friendly and efficient but provided absolutely no information about the island, activities or dining options. It would have been very helpful if all guests received a map of West Bay and West Beach along with sample menus, the name and telephone of restaurants, attractions etc. The large refrigerator and fully equipped kitchen were a plus . The internet service was not connected however the resort had a resourceful IT expert who jerryrigged a conection from another unit. The beds and other furnishings were luxurious. Breakfast was a great dealfor $4.50 you could get a Tipicoeggs, tortillas, cheese, bacon or sausage and black beans. The kitchen made banana pancakes for our daughter (only plain ones were on the menu) and a fruit plate for those watching their food consumption. All came with good strong coffee or Juice. The staff at the bar was amiable helpful and friendly without being overbearing. The beach is absolutely incredible. White sand rims the most perfect turquoise water imagineable. There was great snokeling just offshore, comfy beachchairs, and breathtaking sunsets. That being said there were also very hungry sand fleas who feasted on my husband. Natural repellant did not seem to work for him and wearing Deet all day in the heat ( and it was in the 90’s) was not a viable option. My daughter and I were bitten but not to an extreme. at $3.00 per person each way. It was wonderful sailing though the water under the stars with the breeze cooling us!!!!The two biggest downsides to this property are the ongoing construction (which should be over by Feb.) and the cruiseship visitors. We were well aware that there was ongoing construction when we booked (rates are discounted because of this) and were prepared. Work starts between 6:30 and 7:00 everyday including Sat. and Sun. and ends at sundown. Some work goes on quietly during the evening hours. I have never seen people labor so hard!!!!!! The noise did not bother us as we are early risers however if in doubt ask for a room near the ocean. The cruise visitors are a more problematic issue. During off season ships dock two days a week and passengers can opt for excursions which include packages at a couple of the resorts on West Bay or at “Tabiana” beach. Tabiana is the property next to Infinity. Literally hundreds of white plastic beach chairs are lined up in rows facing the water. “Guides” in kayaks “chum” the reef with bread enticing the fish to specific spots where cruisers snorkel, stand on the reef and yell at their friends onshore. This cannot be healthy for the ecosystem. Vendors troll the area adjacent to Tabiana urging visitors to buy jewelry, dvd’s, replica rolex watches or sunglasses. Massage and hairbraiding are also offered. Since the vendors are not allowed on Tabiana property, they and their customers congregate in front of Infinity. To be fair, many rely on the income cruisers provide. It would be great if there was a specific portion of the Infinity property designated for vendors. Checkout was smooth, there were no problems, the bill was correct. All in all our stay was very pleasant and I would recommend this property.

Location: West Bay Beach, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, Central America (15 minutes from airport). Accommodations: Condo, 2 Bedrooms + Convertible bed(s), 2 Baths (Sleeps 46)Keywords: Luxurious Condo Resort 2BR/2BA at Infinity Bay Roatan. Planning a vacation now to leave in the fall? Location Location Location. The most beautiful upscale resort which is called Infinity Bay Resort located at West Bay Beach, which is one of the top beaches in Roatan, Honduras and of the Caribbean. The reef is only yards away, which is the second largest coral reef in the world. Swim with the turtles and an abundance of marine life, go diving and discover more, or use our complimentary kayaks.

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