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Rolex Watch Sells Cheaper in Hong Kong?

3Rolex watches are popular with all lines. Many people prefer to buy Swiss Rolex Copies watches in Hong Kong other than buy Rolex in Switzerland. Statics from Swiss Watch Industry Federation shows that the sales volume of Rolex in Hong Kong is 2.7 times as much as in the mainland. Purchase from the mainland account for the large part of the big sales volume in Hong Kong, which shows the great demand from the mainland. The reasons why so many people would like to buy Rolex in Hong Kong are as follows:

The price is the same, while the payment currency is different. The foreign exchange rates make the difference. Ordinarily, the same mode of Audemars Piguet’s watch differs from RMB 2.41million to Hong Kong dollar 2.41million. Hong Kong’s price is cheaper than that of the mainland in the terms of current foreign exchange quotation, 28% higher than that in Hong Kong.

The source of difference in price roots in the duty. Customers have to pay three duties in mainland for purchasing Swiss watches. The first one is tariff, although we have reached a free trade agreement with Switzerland, the tariffs rate on luxury watches is 15% at present time. Butit is predicted that the rate will be decreased gradually year by year, by the end of 2023, down to 6%. Hong Kong is a Freeport completely free from the tariffs. All consumer goods on sale have to be levied the VAT, and the government impose 17% VAT on the purchase and sale price differential, painfully obvious paid by the customers. The last but not the least, the watch price is more than ten thousands, the customer have to pay another 20% consumption tax. So the final pricing have to bear a lot.

Hong Kong’s watch boutiques offer more discounts to customers. People who have the experience of purchasing watches in Hong Kong, watch retails have a well knowledge of what kind of watch is the best seller , so they often offer discounts on the rolex replicas watches not so popular.

Now, have you some ideas of the secret of watch’s price?


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